Product overview
The mechanical temperature compensated structure is composed of thermosensitive bimetallic elastic materials as temperature sensitive parts, and the hot satin bimetallic materials are multilayer composites, consisting of at least two materials with different thermal ductility. The difference of ductility makes the thermosensitive bimetallic bending with the change of temperature. The thermosensitive bimetal material will store the bending deformation energy and release it. Through the mechanical structure, the trajectory of the diaphragm of the gas meter can be adjusted. By changing the rotary volume of the diaphragm and compensating the measurement error caused by the temperature, the purpose of modifying the gas meter is achieved.
Structure composition
The mechanical temperature compensation diaphragm gas meter with rotary valve is a new type of structure with small volume and simple and compact structure.
It mainly includes rotary valve, mandrel plate, shifting fork, deflection shaft and so on. The special feature is that the mandrel disc is connected with the rotary valve, and the mandrel disc is connected with a heat-sensitive spiral spring sheet and a fork with an inner and outer fork. The deflection shaft is placed on the outer fork of the shifting fork, and the inner fork of the shifting fork is located on the outer end of the heat-sensitive spiral spring sheet, so the temperature rises or decreases, the heat-sensitive spiral spring sheet expands or shrinks, pushes the shifting fork, drives the deflection axial to move outward or inward, increases or decreases the eccentric size with the axis of the rotary valve, thereby change the movement stroke of the inner diaphragm of the gas meter and realize temperature compensation.
Economic analysis
According to the relevant information, take the user gas in Hebei as an example.
Gas season Spring and autumn(5 months, no heating) Summer
(3 months, no heating)
(4 months, daily heating10h flow rate1.5m3/h)
Gas consumption 40 m3/month 40 m3/month 450 m3/month
Total 200 m3 120 m3 1800 m3
(Household pipe network)temp. 8-12oC 18-30oC 0-10oC
Supply and marketing difference rate 0 0 to +8% -6.8% to -3.5%
Supply and marketing difference 0 0 to 4.2 m3 -122.4 m3 to -63 m3
Annual air supply difference -177.8m3 to -58.8m3
Gas company lost gas fee, according to Hebei area civilian gas price 2.24 yuan / m3) -398.3 yuan to 131.7 yuan per year.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that the gas company will lose the gas fee (- 398.3 to - 131.7) yuan per year for each user when measuring gas with a common base gas meter.
That is to say, with the temperature compensated gas meter, the gas company can reduce the loss (-398.3 yuan to 131.7) yuan / household.
Of course, from the calorific value point of view, temperature compensated gas meter can achieve fair measurement, safeguard the economic interests of both sides, more conducive to gas companies.