IC card prepayment solution
The IC card prepayment system is an intelligent comprehensive energy management system, which is composed of computer management software, IC card and gas meter to achieve buying gas firstly and using gas then. The system has completely broken the traditional energy management mode, and realized the automation of gas collection and management process. The gas management department may implement network management according to different local circumstances, entrusting banks to collect money or setting up computer terminals for residential quarters.
1.Issuing cards, user data management, selling gas charge management, inquiry, design.
2. Make reports, backup data, print bills.
3. Unique data encryption.
4. Operator classification management, user classification management.
5.Statistics of the "blacklist" of abnormal users.
Mobile APP payment scheme:
●The plan is equipped with Bluetooth revaluation treasure, mobile phone APP, to help gas customers buy gas easily with staying indoors .
●The IC card is inserted into the Bluetooth revaluation treasure, the revaluation treasure is connected with the mobile phone APP by Bluetooth, then “IC Card purchasing gas” is clicked on APP, and the IC card is read and written through revaluation treasure to realize purchasing gas easily.
●In addition to IC card purchasing gas , mobile phone APP can also realize gas inquiry, meter management, gas knowledge inquiry and other services.