Manufacturing capacity
  • The production capacity of the injection molding workshop: 2.2 million units/year
  • Base gas meter assembly workshop(three semi-automatic production line): 2.2 million units/year
  • Three-coordinates measuring instrument
  • CCD image measuring instrument
  • Non-contact laser scanning arm
Advanced manufacturing capability
Safety: ensure that the product of outdoor hanging gas meter is far longer than 10 years life expectancy. Seal testing what we use is the only dry inspection equipment in the same industry, which shows that we attach more importance to safety than customers and care how to make customers feel more comfortable.
Measurement accuracy: precision + 1%; error bandwidth less than 1%; Precision can reduce the difference rate of gas supply and marketing for customers.
Measurement stability: less than qmax_0.1qmin 0.6%, it depends on professional design and authentic materials with using plastic raw materials and starting from small pieces.
Autonomous development: intelligent control component does not do technical grafting. From the function confirmation of the hardware component to the establishment with the software framework, it adheres to the main designer as one person, which could achieve technical unity and coherence to ensure that the control part is reliable.
Advanced equipment and exquisite workmanship
We have an efficient and rigorous quality management system

We have a high-quality professional team

The products quality is fully guaranteed

We have a set of advanced gas meter production technology and equipment, precise and professional testing equipment.