Wireless AMR Diaphragm Gas Meter
Product overview
Wireless AMR IC card diaphragm gas meter is a new generation of intelligent gas flow meter which uses IC card to realize the functions of prepayment, automatic charging, wireless remote monitoring and control.
It can be widely used in natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible temperament.
The appearance of the product is small and the measuring stability is high. It is an innovative intelligent gas meter that combines Wireless AMR diaphragm gas meter and IC card gas meter perfectly.
Main advantages
1.IC card is used as the pre-paid storage media, which has the advantages of no fear of magnetic field, no fear of scratches, no forgery, strong confidentiality, large storage capacity, high reliability and so on.
2.It has the functions of anti theft and anti disassembly.
3.It has the functions of 6-bit liquid crystal display gas amount data and Chinese character prompt status information. Intuitive and user-friendly use.
It can set user password and wireless communication address and other parameters. The meter corresponds to IC card and wireless communication address one by one. It can not exchange IC card and modify wireless communication address privately, that is, one card, one gas meter and one communication address.
4.It adopts double reed pipe technology, which ensures the accuracy of measurement more reliably.
5.It is equipped with gas management system, wireless meter reading system, wireless meter reading collector and intelligent meter reading terminal. It can realize remote control functions such as reading meter without entering the home, changing unit price in real time, remote control switch valve and so on. It can monitor and count the user's use status in real time, and further realize the automation and modernization of gas sales management.
6.It is equipped with a dual power supply system of high capacity built-in batteries and external batteries. The wireless remote control part can still work normally when the user does not install the external batteries or the external batteries are low power.
Executive standard
1.GB/T6968-2011 "Diaphragm gas meter"
2.CJ/T112-2008 “IC card diaphragm gas meter”
Main Parameters 
Item Unit Specification model /
Performance index
YCG-L-1.6-Ab YCG-L-2.5-Ab YCG-L-4.0-Ab
Max. flow rate qmax m3/h 2.5 4 6
Min. flow rate qmin m3/h 0.016 0.025 0.04
Basic error difference
% ±3 ±3 ±3
Basic error difference 0.1qmax≤q≤qmax % ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
Max. working pressure kPa 10 10 10
Total Pressure absorption Pa ≤200 ≤200 ≤200
Pipe joint spacing mm 130 130 130
Operating current μA ≤100
Working voltage V DC-6V
Using ambient temperature oC -10~40
Count range m3/h 0-99999.9998 m3
Margin insufficient prompt m3/h Self-set
External thread size - M30*2 M30*2 M30*2
Other functions - Real time temperature compensation
Pressure compensation