Membrane gas meter
Product overview
The ordinary type diaphragm gas meter has beautiful appearance, accurate measurement, stable error, high sensitivity, safe and reliable, long life, good anti-theft and strong anti-corrosion ability, which is suitable for gas metering of natural gas, city pipeline gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, straw gas and so on.
Main advantages:
1. Use a variety of pull rods to adjust the error curve, and the measurement error is level 1.
2. Magnetic transmission system, the reliability is strong.
3. Low temperature diaphragm flip can be selected, working temperature range is wide.
4. Integral ring closure molding technology, high compressive strength.
5. Good development performance can be extended to smart gas meters such as IC card and AMR.
6. Anti-reversal and gas stealing function.
7. The appearance continues the original phenotypic overall characteristic, which conforms to the modern aesthetics.
8. Under the premise of optimizing the housing structure and ensuring the function size, the length size is reduced to 280mm.
9. Arc appearance and sheet metal decorative side seal, increase stereoscopic effect.

Executive standard
GB/T6968-2011 "Diaphragm gas meter"
Main Parameters 
Item Unit Specification model /
Performance index
G1.6 G2.5 G4.0
Max. flow rate qmax m3/h 2.5 4 6
Min. flow rate qmin m3/h 0.016 0.025 0.04
Basic error difference
% ±3 ±3 ±3
Basic error difference 0.1qmax≤q≤qmax % ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
Max. working pressure kPa 10 10 10
Total Pressure absorption Pa ≤200 ≤200 ≤200
Pipe joint spacing mm 130 130 130
External thread size - M30*2 M30*2 M30*2
Front view of the Diaphragm Gas Meter