GPRS Gas Meter for Internet of Things
Product overview
GPRS gas meter for internet of things is a gas metering instrument being developed independently by us with the domestic first-class level. It has the function of metering by itself and realizing the remote data transmission through GPRS, which the modern management level of the gas supply industry is improved, at the same time, it is convenient for users to use. It is composed of the base gas meter and the controller attached to the base gas meter. The base gas meter is selected by the well-known domestic manufacturer. the movement of the machine core is stable, the measuring accuracy is high, the working life is long, and the adaptive medium is more . The controller is designed and manufactured by ourselves. GPRS controller is used to ensure reliable data transmission.
Main functions:
1.Remote meter reading query function: on the computer, clicking the mouse can be remote meter reading, not only single meter reading but also be batch meter reading, it can be used to query the state of gas meter through a meter reading system.
2.Recharge function: support management center remote recharge.
3.Overdraft function: support the function of overdrawing limit can be set up, when the overdraft amount is exhausted, the internet of things gas meter shut the valve automatically.
4.Data upload: upload cycle can be set to day mode, week mode, month mode.
5.Report statistics and large data analysis: according to the need it could generate various types of reports, provide the consumption statistics of annual, monthly and daily. It can be used to analyze the user gas situation and abnormal users through a meter reading software system.
6.The window opening period can be set up: during the window opening period, GPRS network of the Internet of things gas meter is online, online period settings is supporting.
7.Valve control function: built in high reliability motor valve, support remote shutdown valve, support remote valve opening authorization. For emergencies or malicious arrears, customers can turn off valves remotely.
8.Remote upgrade: update the program remotely by GPRS mode, and the gas company does not need to change the gas meter when new requirements are available.
9.Low electric monitoring: support battery monitoring, and close the valve automatically when electricity is low. Built in high-performance polymer battery to ensure normal operation of gas meter during power failure.
10. Supervelocity detection: when the velocity of flow exceeds 1.2 times the maximum velocity of flow, turn off the valve and send the alarm message.
11.Gas leakage monitoring: equipped with air leakage alarm interface, close the valve automatically when monitoring alarm signal.
12.Attack monitoring: the internet of things gas meter has the function of preventing external electricity and magnetic attack. When the external strong electricity and magnetic attack occurs, it closes the valve automatically.
Main parameters
Item Unit Specification model /
Performance index
GCG-1.6-Ab GCG-2.5-Ab GCG-4.0-Ab
Measuring range m3/h 0.016~2.5 0.025~4.0 0.040~6.0
Class of accuracy class 1.5 1.5 1.5
Resolution ratio dm3 0.2 0.2 0.2
Pressure absorption Pa ≤250 ≤250 ≤250
Max. working pressure kPa 10 10 10
Normal working ambient temperature oC -10 ~40 -10~40 -10~40
Working voltage V DC5.6~6.6 DC5.6~6.6 DC5.6~6.6
Max. operating current A 0.5 0.5 0.5
Static current μA ≤50 ≤50 ≤50
Battery type - Type LR6 AA5 Alkaline battery
No. of battery pcs 4 4 4
Data storage year ≥10 ≥10 ≥10
External thread size - M30*2 M30*2 M30*2
Other functions - Real time temperature compensation
Pressure compensation