Industrial and commercial Internet of things gas meter 
Product overview
Industrial and commercial internet of things gas meter can use IC as the information carrier and monitor the gas meter remotely through the public network. It has a patent wide range accurate measurement, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple and easy to use, small volume and so on. It is suitable for industrial and commercial large flow users, and has the functions of anti-hoarding gas, information uploading, GPRS remote communication, preventing magnetic interference from stealing gas, optional overdraft, information minder, alarm prompt.
It is an innovative smart gas meter with perfect combination of wireless AMR diaphragm gas meter and IC card diaphragm gas meter.
Main advantages
1.Using public network communication without network maintenance input
2."End to end" transmission, strong environmental adaptability
3.Report regularly (can be set)
4.Amount settlement, staircase gas price, real time price adjustment
5.Remote recharge, remote valve control, remote monitoring
6.Alerts linkage, alarm information uploaded in real time
7.Providing flow services for ten years
Executive standard
1.GB/T6968-2011 "diaphragm gas meter"
2.CJ/T112-2008 "IC card diaphragm gas meter"
Main parameters
Item Unit Specification model /
Performance index
GCG-6.0 GCG-L10 GCG-16 GCG-25
Nominal flow rate qn 6 10 16 25
Max. flow rate qmax m3/h 10 16 25 40
Min. flow rate qmin m3/h 0.04 0.06 0.1 0.16
Working pressure range kPa 0.5~50
Error of indication
% ≤±1.5
Error of indication
% ≤±3
Pressure absorption Pa ≤200 ≤300
Max. reading m3 99999.9998 999999.998
Min. reading m3 0.0002 0.002
Accuracy class 1.5 1.5
Rotary volume dm3 2.5 5 8 15
Weight kg 4.1 7.8 9.8 15.6
Other functions -   Real time temperature compensation
Pressure compensation