IC card industrial and commercial diaphragm gas meter
Product overview
IC card industrial and commercial diaphragm gas meter can use IC as the information carrier and monitor the gas meter remotely through the wireless network. It has a patent wide range accurate measurement, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple and easy to use, small volume and so on. It is suitable for industrial and commercial large flow users, and has the functions of anti-hoarding gas, information uploading, GPRS remote communication, preventing magnetic interference from stealing gas, optional overdraft, information minder, alarm prompt. It is the ideal choice product for gas company to carry on the remote monitoring to the industrial and commercial users and to improve the management level and the economic benefit.
Main advantages
1.Advanced anti jitter technology, fully sealed treatment
2.Dual display of mechanical character wheel and liquid crystal
3.The use of double dry spring tube for sampling to meter gas consumption accurately
4.Amount / air sales, support for step gas price
5.Magnetic transmission, seal well
6.Antimagnetic interference
7.Good anticorrosion performance, gas meter and its built-in valve have passed the certification by national anti-explosion organization
8.Super low power consumption, battery life more than 1 year
9.Upload information (through IC card)
10.Prevent gas storage
11.Logical encryption to protect data security
12.The gas meter corresponds to the user card one by one to prevent the channeling use
13.Failure alarm prompt
Executive standard
1.GB/T6968-2011 "diaphragm gas meter"
2.CJ/T112-2008 "IC card diaphragm gas meter"
Main parameters
Item Unit Specification model /
Performance index
CG-L-6.0-B CG-L-10-B CG-L-16-B CG-L-25-B
Nominal flow rate qn 6 10 16 25
Max. flow rate qmax m3/h 10 16 25 40
Min. flow rate qmin m3/h 0.04 0.06 0.1 0.16
Working pressure range kPa 0.5~50
Indication error difference 0.1qmax≤q≤qmax % ≤±1.5
Indication error difference qmin≤q﹤0.1qmax % ≤±3
Pressure absorption Pa ≤200 ≤300
Max. reading m3 99999.9998 999999.998
Min. reading m3 0.0002 0.002
Accuracy class 1.5 1.5
Rotary volume dm3 2.5 5 8 15
Weight kg 4.1 7.8 9.8 15.6
Other functions -   Real time temperature compensation
Pressure compensation